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Your Best Financial Partner

The ultimate set of financial analytic program for an expect of financial professionals.
It places the massive financial market data and analytic tools.

Strength of DataGuide


Based on the year 2012, the country’s best database program used in more than 250 domestic institutions, research institutes and universities

Massive Data

Provide the accurate and vast data essential for the analysis on Korean capital market such as stocks, financial affairs, bond, economy, consensus and overseas data

classification period contents
Financial statistics 1999~at present the data of the information on management of financial company and financial type of business
Industry 2000~at present industrial DB of more than 5,000 items of the country’s major associations for each industry
Fund 2002~at present fund type information, earnings rate and set amount of fund
Overseas 2000~at present major global indexes and stock prices
Stock 1980~at present stock prices, adjusted stock prices, earnings rate beta
Event 1980~at present capital fluctuation, treasury stock, allocation, potential common stock, other public announcement breakdown
Share 2003~at present fluctuation details of major stockholders of listed companies and insider fluctuation particular
Financial affairs 1983~at present the financial statements, financial ratios and FCF of the listed companies, outsider-audit companies and general companies
Economy 1970~at present economic data of more than 55,000 items provided by the Bank of Korea and the National Statistical Office
Consensus 2000~at present assumed data of each enterprise, consensus and detailed assumed breakdown DB of each stock firm
Report 2000~at present report about analysis on economy and enterprises foreign and domestic


Through the thorough inspection based on skillful knowhow we offer accurate and in-depth data essential for measuring analysis

User Friendly

Maximization of the efficiency of work such as reprocessing of data and investment analysis based on the familiar Excel

By applying intuitive User Interface, maximization of convenience

Supplying multi functions which can be used in many Excel programs at the same time

Support Korean and English

Easy Update

Automatic renewal of outputted files to the latest data using Refresh function

The entire Refresh is possible using Refresh Wizard


Based on XML, provide the stability of high-capacity data transmission and fast download speed

Possible to easily and conveniently use the data you want when they are necessary out of vast data