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Education Course-General Course

Education Summary

Date: The second thursday of every month

Time: 3 hours and 30 mintues (DataGuide 1 hour and 30 minutes, QuantiWise 1 hour and 30 minutes , ValueWise 30 minutes)
* You can only take the courses you want

Place: 1st floor of FnGuide bldg, Academeia

Education Fee: Free of Charge

Course Registraion- DataGuide, QuantiWise: Sending an application via email with corporate name/name/phone number/course name(DataGuide or QuantiWise) to FnGuide marketing team( ValueWise: Sending an application via email with corporate name/name/phone number/course name(ValueWise) to FnGuide ValueResearch team(

Fixed Number for Education: 20 persons

Notes: Recommended to bring personal laptop which DataGuide or QuantiWise is installed (for inquiries phone 02-769-7777)

Education Object

For the persons who need overall understanding of DataGuide or QuantiWise because they use the service for the first time.

Detailed Contents

classification time contents
DataGuide 1:30~3:00
(1 hour and 30 minutes)
1. DataGuide introducton and explanation of functions
 - Constitution and common functions of DataGuide
 - DataGuide Data explanation
2. DataGuide function explanation
 - Reports constitution and the concept
 - DataCenter > Cross Sectional
 - DataCenter > Time Series
 - DataCenter > Set-form Data
 - Practices and practice problems
3. DataGuide additional function explanation
 - Tools > Event Study etc.
 - Refresh
 - Settings
(10 minutes)
Break Time
QuantiWise 3:10~4:40
(1 hour and 30 minutes)
1. QuantiWise introduction and explanation of functions
 - QuantiWise introduction and constituion of functions
 - QuantiWise data and common functions explanation
2. QuantiWise function explanation
 - Financials
 - Time Series
 - Consensus
 - Peer Analysis
 - Tools
 - Economy
3. QuantiWise additional function explanation
 - Refresh
 - Help
(10 minutes)
Break Time
ValueWise 4:50~5:20
(30 minutes)
1. ValueWise introduction and function explanation
 - New/Open
2. Sheet Composition and function of Valuation model
 - Setting
 - Forecast
 - Balance

The above time plan and the contents of course can be changed following the circumstances.

ValueWise course is only available upon request.