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Education Course-General Course

Education Summary

Time: 2 hours and 30 minutes (15:30~18:00)

Place: Fnguide Financial Academy (Education Center)

Education Fee: Free of Charge

Fixed Number for Education: 18 persons

Application in addition to fixed number for education: Possible when you bring personal notebook in which DataGuide is installed (for inquiries phone 02-769-7777)

Education Object

For the persons who need overall understanding of DataGuide because they use the DataGuide for the first time

For the education and use of DataGuide, you should know the method of use of the basic Excel function

For more intensive DataGuide education, please learn the method of use of the Excel function before the participation in the education

Download of the method of use of basic Excel function

Detailed Contents

classification time contents
Registration 15:20 ~15:30 Participant confirmation and arrangement of seats
the 1st
15:30 ~16:10 1. DataGuide introduction and explanation of functions
 - Constitution and common functions of DataGuide
 - DataGuide Data explanation
 - FnGuide Reports constitution and the concept
16:10 ~16:20 Break Time
the 2nd
16:20 ~17:10 2. DataGuide function explanation
 - Set-form Data
 - Cross Sectional
 - Time Series
 - Analytic Tools
 - Practices and practice problems
17:10 ~17:20 Break Time
the 3rd
17:20 ~17:50 3. DataGuide function explanation and making customizing reports
 - Event Study, Chart Guide
 - Using Refresh
 - Practices and practice problems
17:50 ~ 18:00 Answering questionnaires and arrangement

The above time plan and the contents of lecture can be changed following the circumstances