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Your Best Financial Partner

The ultimate set of financial analytic program for an expect of financial professionals.
It places the massive financial market data and analytic tools.

The country’s best investment analysis system offered by FnGuide

It is the country’s best database application which is used in the more than 250 domestic institutions, research institutes and universities at the time of July 2016.

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Through DataGuide the data necessary for the analysis on financial market and the enterprises can be inquired in various manners and through the templates variously composed you can conveniently analyze the data with one click. In addition, you can conveniently use the user report services customized meeting the needs of users. (User report is an additional service)

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We are carrying out the education for the users of DataGuide. There is general course to help the understanding of basic method of use and data.


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Through the case studies about the video manual and the way of use of basic instruction for DataGuide, we provide service about the matters which customers are curious about.