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Education course-IFRS Valuation course

Education Summary

Time: 2 hours and 30 minutes (15:30~18:00)

Place: Fnguide Financial Academy (Education Center)

Education Fee: Free of Charge

Fixed Number for Education: 18 persons

Application in addition to fixed number for education: Possible when you bring personal notebook in which DataGuide is installed (for inquiries phone 02-769-7777)

Detailed Contents

classification time contents
Registration 15:20 ~15:30 Participant confirmation and arrangement of seats
the 1st
15:30 ~16:20 1. The Understanding of IFRS and FnGuide accounts for valuation
 - the changing accounts of GAAP/IFRS
 - Financial account of FnGuide
 - Comparison between time series and enterprises
16:20 ~16:35 Break Time
The 2nd
16:35 ~17:15 2. IFRS Valuation education
 - Valuation basic logic
 - Menu explanation
 - Business sector assumption
 - Nonbusiness sector assumption
 - WACC & Balancing
 - Value Evaluation
 - Difference between connection assumption and individual assumption
 - Customizing Report
the 3rd
17:15 ~17:50 3. IFRS Valuation Practice
17:50 ~ 18:00 Answering questionnaires and arrangement

The above time plan and the contents of lecture can be changed following the circumstances