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Academic Support

Support academic theses of Korean Securities Association

Time: Around September of every year

Selection and management of research project: Leave them to Korean Securities Association and the method of selection is inviting public participation in principle

Research support scale: pure studies (3~4 tasks) 8 million won a year, and all necessary expenses such as evaluation fee following the selection of projects

Academic theses support examples

author thesis title publication
Jeong Gyun-Hwa
(Korea Univ.)
Economic Effect of Stock Consolidation February 25, 2012
Koh Kwang-Su,
Ha Yeon-Jeong
(Busan Univ.)
Outcome Continuity of Stock-type Fund Following the Situation of Stock Market: STR approach
Hwang Seon-Woong,
Shin Woo-Yong
(Chung-Ang Univ.)
The Relationship between Firm Performance and Executive Pay : Dynamics, Asymmetries, and Alternative Performance Measures
Kim Tae-Kyu
(Hallym Univ.)
Shin Jeong-Soon
(Ewha Womans Univ.)
Determinant of Excess Earning of Insider Transaction
Bae Seong-Ho,
Oh Kwang-Wook,
Lee Woo-Jae,
Jeong Seok-Woo
(Korea Univ.)
Characteristics of Profit Prediction of Finance Analysts who Belong to the Supervision Company of Corporate Bond Issuance February 19, 2011
Park Soon-Hong
(Konkuk Univ.)
Park Kyung-Jin
(Myongji Univ.)
Shin Hyeon-Han
(Yonsei Univ.)
the Influence of Ex-Financier Outside Director on the Capital Structure of Enterprises
Kim Kyung-Soon,
Park Jin-Woo (Hankuk Univ. of Foreign Studies)
Transaction Behavior for Each Type of Investors and Factor of Determination of Intelligence Capabilities about Analyst Report
Hwang Seon-Woong (Chung-Ang Univ.)
Jo Young-Seok
(Mokpo Univ.)
Stock Loan Transaction and the Liquidity of Capital Market
Choi Gil-Yeop,
Baek Won-Seok,
Song Kyo-Jik (SungKyunKwan Univ.)
Universal Banking and the Accuracy of Bank-Affiliated Analysts's Forecasts February 20, 2010
Choi Yeon-Sik,
Park Jin-Ha
(Seoul Univ.)
Jeong Hyeong-Rok (Kyunghee Univ.)
What Do We Know about Consolidated Financial Statements?
Lee Hwa-Jin
(Honam Univ.)
The Signal Effect of Treasury Stock and the Evaluation of Stockholder's Equity
Kim Byeong-Ho
(Kookmin Univ.)
Positive Analysis on the Relation between the Characteristics of Korean Corporate Governance and the Enterprise Credit Rating: In the Viewpoint of Creditor
Koh Kwang-Soo,
Ha Yeon-Jeong
(Busan Univ.)
Mutual Fund Tournaments and Structural Change in an Emerging Fund Market : The Case of Korea February 21, 2009
Choi Young-Soo (Hankuk Univ. of Foreign Studies) Analysis on Prediction Factor of Swap Interest Rate Using the Model of Error Correction and Structure Change
Kim Geun-Soo
(Kyunghee Univ.)
Byeon Jin-Ho
(Ewha Womans Univ.)
Effect of Investor Sentiment on Market Response to Stock Splits
Shim Ho-Seok
(Sunmoon Univ.)
Choi Jong-Seo
(Busan Univ.)
Director’s Motive of Satisfaction with Finance Analysts’ Profit Prediction Value
Byeon Jin-Ho
(Ewha Womans Univ.)
The Influence of IPO Lock-up System on Underpricing Phenomenon February 23, 2008
Park Yeon-Hee
Park Cheol-Won
Bae Soo-Il (SungKyunKwan Univ. GSB)
The Characteristics of Back-Door Listing Enterprises and the Effect of Back-Door Listing: Mainly with KOSDAQ Market
Kim Dong-Soon (Chungang Univ.)
Eom Seung-Seop (Dongseo Univ.)
the Relation between the Improvement of Korea Corporate Governance and the Analysts’ Role and Predictive Power
Jeong Jae-Maan,
Park Soo Cheol
(Seoul Univ.)
Lee Dong-Wook
(Korea Univ.)
Do Insiders Use Undisclosed Information? February 27, 2007
Koh Bong-Chan,
Kim Jin-Woo
(Seoul Univ.)
Jeong Seong-Hoon
(Korea Land & Housing Corporation)
the Value of Information on the Stock Recommendation Opinion of Each Group of Analysts Following the Accuracy of Profit Prediction Value
Ahn Ok-Hwa,
Jang Ha-Seong
(Korea Univ.)
Park Kwang-Woo (KAIST)
the Corporate Governance and IPO Price Decision
Kim Dong-Cheol,
Shin Seong-Ho
(Korea Univ.)
The Risk of Uncertainty of Profit Information of Korean Stock Market and January Effect February 25, 2006
Kim Byeong-Ho
(Kookmin Univ.)
An Empirical Study on the Asymmetric Reflection Time of Bad News and Good News following the Conservatism in the Capital Market in Korea: Mainly with the Ratio of Outside Director and the Establishment of Audit Committee
Jeong Mu-Gwon,
Kim Moon-Sik
(Kookmin Univ.)
the Change of Wealth of Stockholders and Creditors Following the Public Announcement of Issuance of Convertible Bond
Park Kyung-Seo
(Korea Univ.)
Cho Yong-Dae
(Kyung Hee Cyber Univ.)
A Study on the Fairness of the Report of Analysts February 26, 2005
Park Young-Gyu,
Choi Young-Mok,
Joo Hyo-Geun (SungKyunKwan Univ.)
A Study on the Calculation of Intrinsic Value of Enterprises and Investment Strategy Using the Consensus Information of Analysts
Kim Dong-Soon,
Eom Seung-Seop (Chungang Univ.)
Analysis on the Influence of Investment Opinion of Foreign and Domestic Analysts and Fluctuation of Stock Prices on Stock Prices