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Your Best Financial Partner

The ultimate set of financial analytic program for an expect of financial professionals.
It places the massive financial market data and analytic tools.

Menu introduction

Install / Execution

Download installation program in Customer Center>Download

After the installation of DataGuide, execute the program by double-clicking the DataGuide icon on the wallpaper

Generation of DataGuide menu in Excel 2007 version or higher


Generation of DataGuide menu in Excel 2003 version or lower



One-Click service of research and public announcement materials


Provide the report with which you can analyze companies and market with One-Stop

  • One-Stop service in the form of report considering the convenience of users and usefulness
  • The report service composed to make you be able to inquire various measurement DB, diverse research and public announcement materials such as enterprise summary, stock and financial information on individual items with One-Click
  • When you visit companies you can conveniently output and refer to it

Data Center

By providing various item choice techniques and screens about the enterprises, sectors and related Data (Financial affairs, stock prices, economic variables) it helps the editing and the management of the portfolio of user and support the data output of 2 dimensions and 3 dimensions and analysis on outcome


Cross Sectional / Time Series

  • By constituting the portfolio of each item/each type of business which users wants and constituting so that you can download the stocks of time series, financial affairs and consensus data of particular point of time at one go, it saves the time and cost needed for data work
  • By providing various item choice techniques and screens, supports the composition of portfolio of users and analysis on outcome

Set Form

  • Provides all data related to finance such as stocks, financial affairs, consensus, derivation, bond and economy
  • The country’s best capital fluctuation DB management, retains the country’s largest performance data assumed by all stock firms, provides various output options
  • Retains economic data of more than 50 thousands received from the Bank of Korea, National Statistical Office and Korea International Trade Association and systematically classified



  • Based on various time series data (data of economy, industry and market), users search and extract them in the form they want and convert the searched data into the chart and use for measuring analysis and report

Accrual Analysis

  • As a model which confirms the abnormal accruals based on diverse theories, it can be used as a subsidiary indicator which confirms the enterprises which can obtain good-quality profit in the future out of the enterprises which obtained similar profit

IFRS Valuation

  • Possible to apply free choice function of annual and quarterly model and to selectively apply assumed logic of various financial statements based on IFRS accounting
  • As the model to evaluate enterprise value for experts that can conveniently analyze enterprises, analysts and fund managers use it

Index Generator

  • Can directly create and manage the index constituting the index with the aggregate value of listed stock weighted method, the identical weighted method and user defined method with the item designated by users, and particularly the user defined method is the concept to obtain accumulated earnings rate of funds composed of multiple number of items and it can analyze the weight of individual items adjusting it together with the date of entry and transfer

Stock Screener

  • This is a menu to extract the items corresponding to the condition designated by users and it can work to select prosperous item group or to find undervalued item group by particular index and can store the arithmetic expressions used and update them in each period and reorganize the item group

Event Study

  • This is a tool to analyze the correlation between the events of 29 enterprises and stock prices, and can confirm excess earning rate and cumulative average residual through market model so the researchers related to finance, and individuals in the academic world can use it usefully