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Online application for the course

Education object

For DataGuide clients, progress the general course and practical use course separately depending on the level of using DataGuide For the smooth progress of education, please apply for education course suitable for you

For the education and use of DataGuide, you should know the method of use of basic Excel function For more intensive DataGuide education, you should know the method of use of Excel function before participating in the education

Download of the Method of Use of basic Excel function

DataGuide general course

It is composed of the time to explain the overall concept, menu system and contents of the screen of DataGuide and to practice and do Q&A so that you may more skillfully use the DataGuide

For the persons who need overall understanding of DataGuide because they use the DataGuide for the first time

IFRS Valuation Model course

It is composed of the time to explain the basic logic of IFRS Valuation Model installed in DataGuide and the difference between the connected valuation and individual valuation, and the time to practice the Valuation process using the Valuation Model for actual IFRS and do Q&A

The matters that require attention

Because all educations start at a fixed time of education, please enter the place by 10 minutes before starting education

Education schedule and application for the course of education

The date of
contents lecturer Present number of
persons who take the lecture
online application
for the course
There is no education schedule

In regular scheduled education, only up to 3 persons per company can apply for the course

In case there are many persons who are to receive education, please apply for nonscheduled course where customized education is carried out for each company.

In case the application for the course is closed, if you bring personal notebook in which DataGuide is installed, you can apply for the course which accepts supernumerary persons
(Application inquiries : 02-769-7777)